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Get on page one. Does it matter? Absolutely it does -- and here's why.

If your business website is not on PAGE ONE of the search engines, LESS THAN ONE PER CENT of your potential customers will even see it.

Shocking? Yes.

But studies have repeatedly shown that most people don’t search past page one of the search results.

The clickthrough rate for sites listed at the top of page 2 is an exasperatingly low 0.66%. That's LESS than one per cent. Ouch.

Almost nobody goes further than page 3 of the search results.

Affordable SEO service provider, Gary HarveySo...
how do you get your website on Google? and on page one?

Hi, my name is Gary Harvey and I'll answer that for you right now.

But first, may I share a screenshot to show you that I must know something about getting listed on Google page one.

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"Okay, Gary, I'm convinced. Now tell me how to get on Google search, on PAGE ONE of the search results"

When you first started out with a website, the question you probably asked then was about how to get your website on Google. Soon the much bigger question became... how do you get on the first page of Google?

These days, there are 3 main factors that determine whether your web page will get on page one.


1. Your web site itself.

Is it search engine optimized? Optimizing a web page for the search engines involves a handful of SEO (that's short for Search Engine Optimization) best practices including:

Heading tags. Do you use these h1 and h2 tags to signal the main topic and the various subtopics to Google and the other search engines?

Page title. Is your title relevant? Sites that say "Welcome to my site" at the top of the screen are missing a huge opportunity by not using their keywords in the title tag.

Are your images named in a helpful relevant way? An image called pic1.jpg really doesnt tell Google anything useful, whereas getonpageone.jpg does. Also, do your images have alt tags? - short for alternative name tags, these will typically include your keywords or similar.

Keyword density. Are you using but not overusing the keywords which your page is supposed to be about? For example, if your site is about growing potted plants on your balcony but you did not use the words "growing potted plants on your balcony" on the page, that would be odd. Google would notice, and your site would be treated as less relevant than another site which actually used those "primary keywords", as SEO professionals call them.

Text. Search engines prefer words over pictures, though they are making headway in the way they handle videos.

And there are a handful of other "on-page SEO factors", but this short list gives you a general idea of what's involved.

Like chess, when you know the right moves, you win more games.

So what else does Google take into account in figuring out who gets onto PAGE ONE?


2. Links pointing to your web page.

And that's where I can help in a big way. It's my main focus. Using my growing network of sites, I can generate hundreds and even thousands of backlinks as they are called. These are text links on other websites which point to your site. A text link says to Google "this site is about this topic" -- and the topic is whatever the text says.

We'll talk more about backlinks in a moment, but first let's identify the other factor in determining whose site will get on the first page of Google these days.


3. Social media activity.

With the social media websites, we see grass roots democracy at work on the internet, where real people get to "vote for" sites they like. You've probably seen Facebook Like buttons and those Share buttons. It's all part of the growing popularity of social networking and social bookmarking sites where real people (not SEO professionals) can help to push a website up onto page one or down out of sight if they dont like it.

This whole social activity thing is of increasing importance, but to be candid it's NOT a make-or-break factor for many website owners. If you own a typical business site, you can pretty much IGNORE the social media (at least for now) and still get your site onto PAGE ONE if you pay attention to #1 and #2. With #1 (the on-site SEO stuff), I can guide you. When it comes to #2 (getting backlinks), I can do it for you.

And how do I know this simple formula WORKS?

Because I have helped many clients get on page one by focussing on just those 2 things -- website optimization and backlinks.


"Gary, are you saying you get every client onto page one?"

Great question. And the answer is no.

That's why we make a very special offer, which is:

We will put your site on PAGE ONE before you pay.

That's right -- we take all the risk. If our efforts fail, then you lose nothing because you paid nothing.

Mind you, we have a lot of happy clients with sites firmly at the TOP OF GOOGLE so we don't miss the bullseye very often.

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